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Say goodbye to the days of searching through stacks of paperwork
and say hello to a simplified way to manage all of your important club documents

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The simplest way for your club
to collect, store and search for your documents

With the power of sincdocs, you can take the hassle out of collecting and managing all of the documents you need to collect for your club. With our built in tools, your players and parents will be able to access their forms online and complete everything from their computer or mobile device.

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Lightning Speed

Parents click your club's link, type in the required information and sign directly on their screen.

All-in-one solution

SincDocs has everything you need to keep your club in compliance and your players safe on the fields

Online Document Storage

SincDocs organizes everything you need

We take the hassle out of collecting and finding your documents. Your club admin can easily see which documents are complete, which are still due and easily access any document at any time.

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We make it so simple for your members

With SincDocs, your members no longer have to find forms, print them out, scan and upload or email them. All forms can be completed online electronically.

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We make compliance easy

SincDocs makes it easy for you to see what documents are complete, what is still pending and you can easily remind those that still need to get them done.

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Completing your Club Documents
has never been so easy

SincSports has been working with soccer clubs for over two decades and we are so grateful to everyone in youth sports that we have worked with. This project is a thank you to those who have allowed us to continue to do what we love for all these years and we hope you enjoy.

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Not only does the SincDocs system simplify the on-boarding process for your members, but it also gives the club administrators the tools they need to manage this very important process.

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Zip, Zilch, Zero.... Nada!

While this may seem like some kind of a trick, we can asssure you that it is not. The idea behind SincDocs was inspired by a few of our team members who have recently had to deal with the process of filling out these annual documents for their own children. It is a tedious task and is something that can be made so simple.

Why do we have to... Download, Print, Fill out form, scan or take photo, email, submit... REPEAT

Fortunately, our Online Check-in system already uses many of the technologies that could be used to create SincDocs so it was a no-brainer and we got to work putting the pieces together.


The simplest way for your club to collect it's docs

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